Kerala Government Medical Officers' Association

Save health services!

What we stand for:

We work together for the medical welfare and sustenance of health of Keralites.

We uphold the wisdom and commitment to the profession and achieved the best in the world ever produced.

We hold the doctors working in state health services together as the only one organization of that kind.

We motivate our members to strive , to seek and to achieve the highest ethical standards wherever they are.

Most often people dont notice the things others do for them until they stop doing them. But we will not fail to strive or rest till we make doctors stay united.


The Pledge

We do hereby reaffirm our full faith in the Kerala Government Medical Officers' Association and declare that we will implicitly abide by all the directions and decisions duly taken by the association from time to time. We undertake to refrain from any activity likely to undermine the unity and dignity of the association. Jai Hind!